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Kyle Chang is an audio and music producer and DJ living in Los Angeles, with experience in recording, mixing, music production, and audio post production for 3 years. He works at LAist Studios as a producer, and his other work has appeared on NPR. He has interned at Jack Straw Studios and has done work with VICE, At Will Media, Marriott Hotels.

As a classically trained musician, he has won awards for his violin performance. He studied audio production at the University of Washington, earning a certificate in 2021.

Awards as a violinist include

  • Washington Music Educators Award 2010 – String Small Ensemble Winner

  • National Association for Music Education 2009 – All Northwest Orchestra

He has produced original music for LAist Studios shows Snooze and KPOP Rising (released spring 2022). He composes music under the moniker Jia Kai, his Chinese name. He has DJd in clubs in Shanghai including Lucca and Lychee and in Seattle at the VUE and at Origin Nightclub in San Francisco.


He has worked on sound design for audio stories such as To Starlight We Come and for short films such as No More Dragons, which competed in the Seattle 48 film festival.

He is also a contributor to the Producerhive and a member of Grammy U, part of the Recording Academy.