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Kyle Chang

Producer & Sound Designer

Kyle Chang is an audio producer and sound designer/engineer living in Los Angeles with five years of experience, specializing in SFX editing and music editing. His other skills include vocal direction, recording and editing.


He works at NPR affiliate LAist Studios as a producer and sound designer, and his other work has appeared on NPR. He has interned at Jack Straw Studios and worked with VICE Audio, iHeartRadio and KUOW. Before that, he studied audio production at the University of Washington.

His work includes award winning shows: How to LA, Party Crews: the Untold Story with host Janice Llamoca, Snooze (with host Megan Tan), Wild (with host Erick Galindo) and KPOP Dreaming.

He has also worked on feature length documentary film Rally (2023) as a sound designer

IG: @itsmeJiaKai

Twitter: @itsmeJiaKai

IMDB: Kyle Jia Kai Chang


WILD Season 2 Episode 3 The Space Needle Kyle Chang
00:00 / 21:46

LAist Southern California NPR's WILD Season 2 Episode 3 Space Needle

Credit: Sound Designer (SFX editing, Music Editing, Dialogue Editing), Producer, Vocal Director

Rally (2023) Documentary directed by Rooth Tang

Credit: Sound Design (SFX editing)

Le Building - Student Project

Credits: Sound Design (SFX editing), Vocal Direction

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